Himalayan Pink Salt

Himalayan Pink Salt

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Leigh Linton's Himalayan Pink Salt is a 100% raw and natural health product with no additives.

Himalayan Pink Salt is a great natural alternative to regular table salt.

Not only does Himalayan Pink Salt contain additional minerals, it is also free from additives and lower in sodium. These benefits can help improve your athletic performance by aiding in hydration, maintaining electrolyte balance, and helping muscles contract.

Himalayan Pink Salt’s benefits include:

- Creates an electrolyte balance
- Increases hydration
- Regulates water content both inside and outside cells
- Balances PH levels and helps to reduce acid reflux
- Prevents muscle cramping
- Aids in proper metabolism functioning
- Strengthens bones
- Lowers blood pressure
- Helps the intestines absorb nutrients
- Helps regulate the body’s natural sleep cycle
- Dissolves and eliminates sediment to remove toxins